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powderfix patches

powderfix patches

To repair powder-coated surfaces we can offer various repair options. The selected method depends on the use and damage of the affected constructional component.

If the damaged component is not yet permanently installed, or if it can be removed without major difficulties, it is preferable to dismantle the part and to carry out the repair and/or re-coating work at the coating facility.

Permanently installed parts that can no longer be dismantled will be repaired on site. Liquid coating systems are used for this purpose; these are precisely adjusted to the used powder coating in terms of shade and gloss. A powder coating-colourless coating mixture can be used to carry out minor repair work. For this purpose, the powder coating used is mixed with a colourless clear coating.

A completely novel repair method is called powderfix patches, which is a self-adhesive film technology. A special self-adhesive film, which has already been coated with the original powder coating, is applied on the area to be repaired. Non-coated sections at the fringes of these powderfix patches are only recognisable to the critical observer. The size of the patches can be selected in a way to most favourably cover entire visible parts of surfaces with the application of the powderfix patches. This repair technology is suitable for:

  • surfaces up to 550 x 550 mm     
  • strips up to 100 x 1000 mm
  • special sizes
  • punched parts with various shapes

In general we recommend having all repair work done by a specialised contractor. Otherwise all guarantee rights are excluded. In any case, tests should be carried out beforehand with the selected repair system at a suitable spot of the object.

We have included more information on the above-mentioned repair options for you in our technical data sheets ENV 802, 804 and 805. You can order these documents from us using our request form.



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