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Chrome-free pre-treatment aluminium

Chrome-free pre-treatment aluminium

The aluminium, untreated steel and galvanised steel workpieces receive wet-chemical and/or mechanical pre-treatment by us to be prepared for powder coating, depending on the size of the constructional part and the characteristics of the substrate. Degreasing/ferric phosphatisation, chrome-free Al-pre-treatment and pressure- or airless blast cleaning are used for this purpose. A powder coat is then applied (1 layer with 80 to 120μm for interior areas, 2 layers with up to 160-180µm for exterior areas) that achieves the corrosion protection classes C2 to C5 long according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2.
To achieve the corrosiveness category C5 long, such a powder coating replaces e.g. the use of liquid coating substances that must be applied in 3 to 6 layers on the blast cleaned surface, according to DIN EN ISO 12944-5, depending on the selected coating system, and that must have a desired overall thickness of 240 to 500µm.

The achievement of a passive corrosion protection through the use of powder coating requires constructive corrosion protection that has to be planned and realised by the planner, constructor, metal- or steel constructor. This is achieved by avoiding:

  • False edges of any kind (especially in the exterior area)
  • inaccessible areas, acute angles, sharp edges
  • porous and/or interrupted weld seams (especially in the exterior area)
  • constructional elements without corrosion-protected design, e.g.

    unfavourably placed reinforcement plates

  • Issue of greases, oils or cooling lubricants from false edges, where they

    were not removed before the composition of the constructional elements

We offer you personal counselling on this topic and help you to clarify detailed questions on your projects.

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