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Powder-coating in maritime long-term testing


ENVIRAL® is not only well-know for its high-quality, durable powder-coatings, but also for its openness towards new and in particular technically interesting challenges.

It is therefore not surprising that this medium-size business from Fläming now picked up a topic that is still regarded as delicate in practical powder-coating business. It is about the powder-coating of constructional components in immediate vicinity of or permanent contact with water. So far these components were regarded as “not fit for coating”, since powder lacquer – microscopically speaking – has tiny pores in its surface that are able to absorb moisture including the chloride it contains.

In the past ENVIRAL® has in fact successfully provided high-quality powder-coating for components with “water contact”, such as landing stages, pontoon boats, masts and other maritime accessories for various projects. However, warranties had to be limited or even denied for constructional areas with water contact. - On 15/05/2009 we reported in detail in our News release about “The first bridges with powder-lacquer coming off the production line at ENVIRAL®!” (Left of the article) on such a project. - So far there have not been any complaints about the powder-coating with such “water-contact” components. This fact gives us great confidence. However, predictions on the long-term behaviour of powder-coated surfaces in direct water contact (from today’s point of view) are still not absolutely certain. Well, ENVIRAL® wants to know exactly!

For this reason a company-internal long-time study has been started to provide certainty: In order to test the suitability of powder-coating for “water applications” in the long term and in practical conditions, ENVIRAL® have recently sampled a boat made available to us by the Spandau 04 water sports association. To this end the 5.66 m long and 1.73 m wide steel body was first cleaned of its old layers of paint by way of blasting. Subsequently the boat’s body was completely primed with powder-lacquer primers based on epoxy-resins of different qualities. In a second step, the primers were coated with a covering layer in RAL 6005 colour and RAL 9006 colour, respectively. At last, a third powder-coat layer of clear lacquer was also applied on parts of the boat.

Since June 2010 the powder-coated boat has been travelling around the waters of Berlin. By the end of this year’s water sports season, this boat will be taken out of the water and subjected to intensive testing of the powder-coatings on the hull. Optical and other measuring techniques will be applied to determine the influence of permanent water contact on the various kinds of powder coating. In autumn you will find a report on the experiences made here in this News column.

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