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The watermill is clattering at the noisy stream...

Fig. 1: Waterwheel of the watermill in Fläming
Fig. 1: Waterwheel of the watermill in Fläming  
Fig. 2: The test specimen in its initial condition
Fig. 2: The test specimen in its initial condition  
Fig. 3: Installation of the test plate in July 2012
Fig. 3: Installation of the test plate in July 2012  
Fig. 4: Test plate after 1 year of endurance test
Fig. 4: Test plate after 1 year of endurance test  

...and while doing so, it is the main actor in a "Hardness test" of a special kind. – However, one by one!

ENVIRAL® is constantly in search of new areas of application for powder coatings. In the past, we have already tested dif-ferent coating systems for continuous duty deployment in flowing waterways and we have reported here, for example, about the coating of a ship's hull or a long-term test on the Danube ferry, Ottensheim (Austria).

The results of another long-term test that commenced in July 2012 are now available. At that time, steel plates were first coated with different coating systems using two-coat sys-tems, consisting of one primer coating and one topcoat with RAL 9005 matt, as well as one three-coat system, consisting of a primer coating, one primer coating, one topcoat with RAL 7046 and one final coating with a transparent varnish. The test specimens were then installed on the blades of the wa-terwheel of a watermill in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark and then exposed to the forces of the element in order to check the effect and interaction of permanent wetting with water, strong currents as well as abrasion caused by sedi-ments, wood and other materials found in streams and rivu-lets.

The test plates were now dismantled a few days ago. In do-ing so, it was found that one of the sheets, despite being fixed securely, had come loose from the blades of the water-wheel and could not be found. The surface of the second test plate, on which the three-coat system had been applied, is intact. There is slight onset of rust only in the holes for the screws and at one spot where the powder coating had got damaged. However, there were no signs of infiltration into the coating.

ENVIRAL® could once again demonstrate the resistance of powder coating systems for continuous deployment in flowing waterways with the help of this series of tests.

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