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New special effect on coating powder


ENVIRAL® Oberflächenveredelung GmbH offers its customers high-quality powder coating products for interior and exterior applications. The variety of effects ranges from different gloss finishes - glossy, silky, dull - and different finish structures - smooth, fine and coarse structures - to various effects, such as metallic, glitter or twilight effects. Until recently, special patterns and decors were technically not feasible on powder-coated surfaces.

A blank we are now able to fill! With the „ENVIRAL® Satin Decor Effect“, an innovative treatment technology developed by ENVIRAL®, smooth, powder-coated surfaces can be satined (frosted). This way previously defined patterns such as graphic ornaments, logos, floral decors etc. will be preserved on the powder-coating. The decors differ from the rest of the surface by modified (reduced) gloss intensity as well as an optically brightened shade.

Parts finished with „ENVIRAL® Satin Decor Effect“ are used for both interior as well as exterior decorative applications. We are currently evaluating the use for facade applications. As regards the size of constructional components, no restrictions apply: any component processed at ENVIRAL® can be finished with the „ENVIRAL® Decor Effect“. Customers are also welcome to request their own specifications about types and sizes of decors.

Are you interested in our new special effects on powder coating? - Please use our service hotline.

Germany coustomers please call 0800 -3684725, free of charge within Germany from landline phones!

Austria coustomers please call +43 (0)2626 50074.

We are at your disposal to discuss the details!

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