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For our plant in Austria we have following job openings:

Production worker in alternating shift operation

  • Powder coater (manual and automatic electrostatic application)
  • Training suitable for powder coater; applicants with technical skills (spray painting, blast cleaning or similar activities)
  • Employee for incoming goods inspection, goods suspension and goods acceptance
  • Blast cleaner (operation of modern pressure and airless blast cleaning systems)
  • Employee for simple final inspection work and packaging

Contact: info(at)

Unskilled production worker in alternating shift operation

Providing support in the areas of workpiece suspension and packaging

Contact: info(at)

Blasting operative

Machine operator for automated centrifugal wheel units and manual pressure blasting.
Mechanical blasting of steel and galvanised steel work pieces as pre-treatment for powder coating by means of a fully automated centrifugal wheel unit as well as manual pressure blast technology.

We are looking for:
A mechanically skilled applicant eager to learn who will receive initial on-the-job training in order to independently operate equipment as well as perform simple maintenance tasks. We are also prepared to consider applicants without any previous job-specific experience.

Contact: info(at)

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